Program Upgrade For Davenport's Gold Edition Users

To upgrade:

  1. Close any open/running instances of the program that you are upgrading.
  2. Download the file DAV-UPGR.EXE to your computer (or if prompted to do so by your browser, you may also open or run the file).
  3. If you saved the file to disk in the above step, locate the file using a file system browser (e.g. "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer"), and execute it (clicking or double-clicking the file will execute the file).
  4. The updater's main screen will open, and then automatically determine the location of your existing program installation.
  5. Click the "Install Updated Program" button.
  6. You will see a "Copy Completed" message.
  7. Click the "OK" button.
  8. The upgrade is now complete, you may start the upgraded program in the same manner that you have started the program in the past (e.g. via the "Start" menu, a desktop shortcut, etc). If you experience any problems with the program after upgrading, please reboot your computer and try starting the program again.
  9. If you experience problems, please contact us.

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