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Davenport's Art Reference & Price Guide

Davenport's Art Reference & Price Guide is the industry standard artist directory containing biographical and select pricing information for over 335,000 artists (specializing in little-known and hard-to-find artists). More than 15,000 entries have been added since the last edition. Prices cover oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, sculpture, prints, posters, and photographs. Click on one of the links below for more information.

Colorado appraiser identifies valuable mis-identified artwork and says, "My client thinks I'm a genius, and I owe it all to my Davenport's Art Reference."

When Fine Art appraiser Dr. Carol O'Brien English from Wheat Ridge, CO was contracted to update a Fine Art and Personal Property appraisal, she visited her new client's home with her usual warmth and zeal. After reviewing the previous appraisal and starting to review their collection, she encountered an immense, full-length portrait of a young woman posing with her right hand on her hip and dressed in a late 19th/early 20th Century dress. Dr. English immediately expressed to her associate, "Now there's a (John Singer) Sargent 'wannabee.'"

This artwork, which had been appraised a dozen years earlier [1995], along with many others, had been described as an anonymous work of art at a value of $2,000. From where Carol was standing, she could see what appeared to be letters and numbers in the upper right hand corner, and using a ladder to take a closer look, she identified the writing as "von" and "04." After completing her day at the client's home, Carol began her research on the appraisal, focusing especially on this large portrait that so enthralled her. While using the Search Wizard on her new Davenport's Art Reference CD (published by, the results indicated that the painting was executed by the artist Wilfred Gabriel von Glehn (1870-1951). This artist was a native of Britain, but from German noble extraction who painted Genre scenes, Landscapes, Venice, Rivers, Gardens, Still Lifes, Flowers, Children, Nudes, Dogs, Boats and Portraits. In 1914, he changed his name to "de" Glehn.

With further research, Dr. English discovered that the painter, Wilfred Gabriel de Glehn, was a good friend of John Singer Sargent. Edwin Austin Abbey introduced Sargent to de Glehn after he had hired de Glehn and another student to assist him on the Boston Public Library mural commission. Carol continues that "de Glehn was every bit as cosmopolitan as Sargent" and "having much in common, such as their outlook on women, they became good friends." After de Glehn married Jane Erin Emmet (another artist), the trio traveled and painted together in Europe before the First World War. Carol states, "and so he (de Glehn) came to his style," which she said is clearly exhibited in her client's painting. She continues that her client's painting "was very much under the influence of Sargent. De Glehn's palette, however, is much lighter and brighter than Sargent's. He (de Glehn) is one of the few British Impressionists."

After completing her research, Dr. English presented the appraisal to her client with all of the facts, including that the portrait, which was once mis-identified as an anonymous work valued at $2,000, was now identified and properly appraised in the low six figures. Dr. English's client was ecstatic to hear the news. Carol is quoted as saying, "My client thinks I'm a genius, and I owe it all to my Davenport's Art Reference".

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